Paul Jones 1975 Morris 575 Van.

Paul has been working on this van for some years, and posted these photos to show progress made during our lockdown.

Subsequent to this I was able to play a modest part in bringing it to life and helping to get all the necessary bits pointing in the same direction.

Here are some photos taken during that process and the grand finale - it's appearance at the Jan 31st Club Run.


I shall give you an aside to the van story.

In November 2020 Paul and I had decided to redo the front suspension, and it was arranged that we would meet at his place to do the job. I had just gotten my new Marina estate build legally on the road, but was far from finished. However, I took it over and everything went as planned.

On his vehicle at least.

Heading home as it got dark I was enjoying the drive, and the lights were all in my favour through town until I reached Brougham/Ensors and had to stop. As the lights changed I did the expected thing. I floored it.

At this precise instant the accelerator cable pulled itself neatly out of the carb linkage and I was suddenly going nowhere, which the other traffic found perplexing. Much as I did.

Aaaah. Manual choke. Fast idle. Crawled out of their way into the emergency lane which almost had enough width to accommodate us. Came to a stop and threw the shifter into park with just a hint of annoyance, whereupon the rod that links the shifter to the auto under the car fell off.

What are the odds..??!!

Peering under the car I could see the rod dangling. A small spring clip had let go of its hold on the universe allowing one end of the rod to come unstuck. Lying on the road with one leg in the traffic I clipped it back together using the light from my cell phone.


I can fast idle home then.

Like hell.

The Opawa end of Brougham street has no room for fast idlers.

I made it to the bridge still in the emergency lane, then snuck into the road works.

Fortunately - and only because I had gone to do some work on Paul's van - I had plenty tools onboard, so the airfilter came off and the cable got refitted.

Status - normal.

Had to make one more stop on the way home to put someone's rubbish bin away. Bin was already away. Made U turn in narrow street. Shifter rod fell off. I am now wedged across a narrow street. In the dark.

MY. This is an interesting evening.

Put it back together as easily as it will soon fall off again if I don't find out tomorrow what the hell is going on.

Or coming off...

Oh well - you have to start somewhere.

This is an ad for lights on cell phones.


Cheers all, Ken.